Fast loans for Equipment Financing

If your business is growing fast and you need extra plant and equipment to support your growth – we can help.

Keep your business moving with easy equipment finance

Whether you need to purchase new equipment or upgrade your current assets to stay ahead of the curb in a competitive market, we can help you secure the finance you need within 24-hours.

Smartbiz Loans help small businesses all over Australia to easily access finance and purchase the equipment they need for business success. Our Equipment Finance Loan application process is quick, easy and can provide that financial boost you need to reach your goals. With loans available from $5k - $250k, your business can enjoy hassle-free cash-flow – right when you need it most.

Why finance – not lease?

Rather than committing to regular payments for an item of equipment you will never own, financing allows you to buy and own the equipment outright, then pay off the finance in manageable instalments. Leasing is usually more expensive in the long run – and you don’t even have an asset to show for it in the end.



Easy Application

It takes just 10 minutes to complete the online application – all you need are your bank statements from the last 4 months!



Flexible Payment Options

Every business is different so we are flexible when it comes to repayment and will work together to find the right option that works for you.



Rapid Results

We know cash-flow is crucial for our clients, so we aim to get the money in your account within 24-hours.




Equipment finance allows you to use the item itself as collateral for the loan, with no need to secure the loan with additional assets.

Cash in your bank account in a few simple steps


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