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Say goodbye to cash-flow headaches with our fast, easy Business Finance – get up to $250k today!

Need a quick cash-injection to ensure smooth business operations?

We understand the importance of cash-flow for small business and are here to help you access the funds that will keep your business on top of its financial obligations today – so it can grow tomorrow.

Smartbiz Loans have created an easy, stress-free loan application process so nothing stands in the way of you accessing the cash you need, when your business needs it most. A Business Line of Credit is easier to qualify for than other loan types, allows you to manage sudden cash-flow shortages and can be secured or unsecured.

Whether your loan is $5k or $250k, it just takes 10-mins to apply and the funds can be in your account within 24-hours. We want to be a part of helping your business grow – apply for your Business Finance Loan today.

Business Line of Credit vs Credit Cards

Unlike credit cards, a BLOC allows you to build a credit history for your business, receive cash advances at no extra fees, pay off suppliers who don’t accept credit cards and borrow as often as you like. Interest rates on lines of credit are also generally lower than the interest on credit cards, and offer higher limits. A BLOC enables you to easily borrow the money you need, whenever you need it.



Easy Application

It takes just 10 minutes to complete the online application – all you need are your bank statements from the last 4 months!



Flexible Funding

With terms from 3 - 12 months, we are flexible when it comes to repayments and will work to find an option that works for you – you can even pay out the loan early without penalty.



Low Interest

Our interest rates start from just 0.8% per month – so you can keep your money where you need it most.



No Cash Advance Fees

Get the cash you need in the bank without paying any additional advance fees on top. Just pay for what you borrow.

Cash in your bank account in a few simple steps


Apply Online

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Rapid Response

Hear from our friendly team within a few hours!

Payment, Pronto!

Have the cash in your account within 24-hours of approval.